Men's Skincare Report

For decades, men's grooming has languished behind the women's beauty category. Finally, with a new generation of consumers coming of age and a shift in cultural attitudes around notions of masculinity, this is changing: male personal care is projected to be a $166 billion industry by 2022.

However, selling skincare to men comes with a different set of challenges. In this research we explore the demographics of the male skincare audience, their preferences and needs, and the brands getting traction with these consumers.

In this report you can learn:

  • How interest in men's skincare differs by age, and the countries showing most engagement with the category

  • The skincare complaints and ingredients driving conversation in online communities

  • Which brands are most frequently purchased by men interested in grooming and skincare

  • The celebrities the male skincare consumers have most affinity with

Men's Skincare Report

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