Luxury Watch & Jewellery Brands

Luxury Watch & Jewellery Brands

Audience Intelligence Report

With social media and online now a primary focus for Luxury Watch & Jewellery brands it makes sense that the data and intelligence that can be obtained from these channels is used to better understand audiences and build highly informed campaigns and strategies.

Developed to help address the marketing challenges of the Luxury Watch & Jewellery industry, this report uses data and insight from social media and online conversations to build a clear picture of audience’s preferences, behaviours and motivations as well as identifying current and emerging trends. From CMO’s through to Strategists and Digital Managers this report provides marketing professionals the intelligence they need to thrive in an increasingly data driven and customer focused world.

  • The report features analysis of online and social media conversation relating to 38 leading Luxury Watch and Jewellery brands, across four categories – Major Players, Prestige & Luxury, High End and Mid Range

  • Each category features insights and analysis of Conversation Share, Sentiment, Key Topics, Demographics, Geography and Consumer Behaviours

  • Also featured is analysis of how the 5 leading groups in this space compare in terms of Conversation Share and Sentiment

  • We focus on how audiences of Smartwatches compare to that of established Luxury Watch brands and explore both the opportunities and risks of this new category

  • The report concludes with a perspective on how Audience Intelligence can be used to improve Luxury Watch and Jewellery brands strategies, from research and development through to online and retail

Luxury Watch & Jewellery Groups - Audience Conversation Share

LVMH 39%
Rolex 34%
Swatch 17%
Richemont 9%
Kering 1%

Key Insights

  • Rolex was the most talked about brand overall, with its sponsorship of sports events driving significant visibility for the brand online and on social media

  • We identified that, out of the five main Luxury Watch & Jewellery Groups, LVMH saw the highest share overall, driven by audience’s strong interest in brands such as Hublot, Tag Heuer and Bulgari

  • With the exception of ‘High End’, where brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Faberge drove the conversation from female audiences, all categories saw a higher share of conversation from males

  • Sports and Music were the most prominent interest across all categories, whilst Executives and Creatives were the professions who talked about the brands the most overall

  • All brand categories showed advocacy as the most prominent consumer behaviour – suggesting a significant amount of ‘brand love’ which can be leveraged for campaigns and activations

  • Analysis of conversations relating to Smartwatches compared to Luxury Watches confirmed a much larger conversation share for Smartwatches, however this has decreased drastically since April 2015 whilst sentiment towards Smartwatches is less positive than for any category of Luxury Watches & Jewellery 

Luxury Watch & Jewellery Brands


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