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Why is an Audience Intelligence focused approach to social media data more effective?

EntSight understands that investors working with Alternative Data are looking for strong and viable signals, however social and online data is typically noisy with large amounts of the irrelevant data, especially from automated bots.

Through the identification, segmentation and tracking of the relevant audience groups EntSight can ensure stronger signals from the datasets we provide, by significantly reducing the level of noise in the data.

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EntSight services for investment companies leverage our extensive experience of working on audience focused social media data projects for some of the world’s leading organisations.

EntSight Data Services are unique in that they enable the tracking of specific audience groups and are built on our experience in the social media data space, where we’ve worked with leading global organisations such as BMW Group, Richemont, PVH, Universal Music and LVMH as well as a number of leading hedge funds.

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