Who would Aston Martin’s audience choose for the next James Bond?

With ‘Spectre’ now out in cinemas the usual discussion as to who will be next in line to play James Bond is once again a hot topic, and this has been stimulated a fair bit by current incumbent Daniel Craig declaring that he’s not too keen on thinking about his future as Bond right now.

Using our Entertainment Audience Intelligence tool Constellation, which we’ve developed using the social listening platform Brandwatch, we took a look at who might be the best choice of future James Bond for fans of the one brand which has become synonymous with the character — Aston Martin.

The iconic Aston Martin has featured in Bond films since 1964’s ‘Goldfinger’ and has often seen non-standard features such as revolving number plates, machine guns and laser beams included to enable Bond to resolve some of his more challenging driving situations.

Having identified a core Twitter audience of film fans who are interested in Aston Martin we used Constellation to track conversation relating to some of the current crop of potential Bond’s being discussed by the media — namely Damien Lewis, Idris Elba, Nicholas Hoult, Aidan Turner and Jamie Dornan.


Having looked at both volume and sentiment of conversation for these actors we identified that Idris Elba has been the most talked about by the audience over past five years. However, he’s also attracted a fair amount of negative sentiment from this audience group which could end up making him a controversial choice for some.


The second most talked about actor, Jamie Dornan also saw the second highest positive sentiment, which would suggest he’d be a popular Bond with Aston Martin fans. It is also worth pointing out that Aiden Turner, who is the least active on social media, also saw the lowest share of conversation overall — confirming that if you want to be talked about on social it pays to engage.

Bond 3

Even though he feels he’s not in with a chance Benedict Cumberbatch would certainly be a good choice for Aston Martin fans he is the actor most talked about by our audience group overall — with the 2nd most being Daniel Craig, which we’d expect when you consider how much time he’s spent with the iconic car brand in the past decade or so.

Boind 4

And future Bond Girls? Well Jennifer Lawrence is the most talked about actress by this group followed by Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson — all of whom we think would make amazing Bond Girls but suspect may have slightly too busy schedules for the foreseeable future. Although not a likely choice for a Bond Girl it was encouraging to see that Dame Judy Dench, who up until her demise in ‘Skyfall’ played Bond’s boss ‘M’, was also talked about by a sizeable share of Aston Martin fans.

Of course it is unlikely we’ll know for a while who will replace Daniel Craig as Bond but we hope that in some way this kind of Entertainment Audience Intelligence can play a role in making a decision. 

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Edward Bass

Edward Bass

EntSight Founder & Director