What brands do Ryan Reynolds fans love the most?

Here at EntSight we always strive to discover the best of what we can about how entertainment audiences interact with brands, even going so far as developing ‘Constellation’ — our tool for matching brand audiences with entertainment properties and talent.

Recently though we’ve taken things a step further and developed‘Constellation — Brand Version’ which can identify the most loved brands by audiences of celebrities. To test the platform we recently tried it out on the audience of Ryan Reynolds — a man whose career is seeing a serious jump start following the recently popularity of ‘Deadpool’.

First up we looked at the brand categories most talked about by Reynolds social audience, mapped out in the chart below


As you can see — Consumer Tech (12%), FMCG (11%) and Retail Food (11%) saw the most attention from this audience group whilst Hotels (3%) and Luxury Watches/Jewellery saw (3%) saw the least.

As to the brands themselves, the most talked about Consumer Tech brand overall was Samsung, whilst Canon saw the most positive sentiment from this audience and Hewlett-Packard the most negative sentiment.


As for FMCG — Coca-Coca and Kettle Chips were the real winners here, whilst Starbucks and Chili’s Bar and Grill saw the most attention in the Retail Food category.


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Edward Bass

Edward Bass

EntSight Founder & Director