Mirror, Mirror: Why Too Many Brands Approach To Social Insights Is Flawed.....

I think it is fair to say you are more likely to 'find yourself' on a round the world trip discovering and learning new cultures than if you spent the same amount of time looking at yourself in the mirror. If we take that analogy and apply it to the way many brands experience themselves and their audiences we're likely to find that too often they are doing the latter by only analysing social and online conversations which relate to themselves, often which are simply echoes of their own marketing messages. After all - there is a reason why we call so many of the stats that inform this approach 'vanity metrics'.

Certainly some of the more forward thinking brands go as far as looking at the competition and the smarter ones will also analyse comparators too but this is still looking inward and in many cases will only verify existing opinions rather than create the 'out of the blue' insights which can inform vital new perspectives. 

Whilst brand and competitor analysis is always a vital part of the initial stage of our projects here at EntSight we've learned that the real learnings about brand audiences can only really come when it is their interactions unrelated to the brand which are analysed. This is the reason we've mapped and indexed a huge number of behaviours and preferences relating to Brands, Media and Entertainment - using a range of best in class social and consumer insight tools to ensure precision.

We're already working with leading brands such as BMW, Tommy Hilfiger and Patek Philippe to better understand their audiences and drive value from them - so if you're a brand marketer who is interested in a better perspective then why not share your challenges with us here?

Edward Bass

Edward Bass

EntSight Founder & Director