EntSight Constellation Score - Decide Your Talent & Entertainment Partnerships with Audience Data

Celebrity and Entertainment partnerships are amongst the most powerful and impactful activations a brand can invest in - however the high costs involved require demonstrable success and ROI.

As Brands continue to rely more and more on Celebrities, Influencers, Event Sponsorship and Branded Entertainment it is vital for them to understand which partners can offer the best impact on their target audiences and drive value.

For four years EntSight has worked with leading global brands such as BMW, Piaget and Triumph International to help them select the best partners for unique consumer groups and now, through the ongoing evolution of our approach, we're excited to announce our latest solution - Constellation Score.

Constellation Score

Constellation Score is EntSight’s new proprietary metric for evaluating how effective a talent or property is likely to be for the brand in partnership or placement.

We calculate this using both qualitative and quantitive methods, analysing the share of conversation and sentiment from the relevant audience, as well as the suitability based on how well the talent or property reflect the brand values, purpose and story.

If you're currently assessing potential partnerships for 2020 and beyond and would like to learn more about how EntSight services can help your brand then please drop us a message.

Edward Bass

Edward Bass

EntSight Founder & Director